Introducing CaseWare Cloud Analytics

Changing The Way Audits Are Performed

The Data Driven Audit

Includes transactional and industry data to support the analysis of entire data populations right in the engagement.

Leverages Artificial Intelligence techniques, Smart Testing and Scripting to generate trusted, repeatable, and defensible results.

ISO 27001 certified so your customers’ data is housed securely in the cloud.

As part of our complete audit analytics solution, CaseWare provides two complementary products that gives auditors the choice between intuitive, out-of-the-box analysis and tools to perform deep data analysis.

CaseWare Cloud Analytics
CaseWare Cloud Analytics is a cloud-based application used during risk based audit planning and throughout the execution of the audit. Integrated with CaseWare Working Papers or Smart Engagement, and available as a standalone product, auditors can use Cloud Analytics to access data from across the audit ecosystem. It enables streamlined data imports from accounting packages and other sources, “point and click” analysis, collaboration, archiving and reporting. Ultimately, Cloud Analytics is built for the audit of the future.

CaseWare IDEA
CaseWare IDEA complements Cloud Analytics as the full-featured desktop application. With the (optional) ability to integrate with CaseWare Working Papers, auditors have access to an even more comprehensive analytical toolkit that they can take anywhere they go, including to both offline and online environments. Used by auditors worldwide, IDEA offers a suite of pre-defined analytics tests, advanced visualizations and custom scripting tools, including Python, to enable auditors to create custom tests for in-depth data exploration. IDEA software is designed for auditors, by auditors, to help them conduct the most comprehensive data analysis possible.

Manage Multiple Data Sources

Acquire and Transform

The massive volumes of data necessary for an audit, make extracting, importing, and transforming data from a variety of database sources and accounting systems a time-consuming and cumbersome process.

CaseWare’s built-in data import tools quickly and easily imports and transforms your data. Supporting multiple software packages and standard CSV files, as well as seamless integration with engagement data, you are able to automatically map data upon import, increasing efficiency and streamlining processes.

Prepare and Simplify

The audit process is inherently data-driven. Every audit cycle begins with extensive review and compilation processes that produce large amounts of data. However, without the ability to simplify the data, accountants remain in the dark.

CaseWareCloud Analytics combines, cleanses, formats, and verifies data so you are able to effectively review data of any type and size. In this line, security and liability remain top of mind throughout the data preparation process. When completing engagements that are integrated with CaseWareCloud Analytics, the detailed transactions are contained separately from the engagement file, maintaining privacy during the review and approval process.

Identify Fraud and Inconsistencies
Manage Multiple Data Sources

Point and Click

Technology has opened auditors up to a new breadth and depth of information. Yet, analyzing this large amount of data in search of anomalies can be a daunting task.

Empowering you to leverage more of the available data, CaseWare Cloud Analytics accelerates analysis. By selecting from entire data populations in a single click, you are able to shift your time and effort from defining and creating standard tests. Now, you can focus on the potential anomalies, flagged errors, and high-risk areas.

Visualize and Interpret

Although insights are hidden within the data, accountants are challenged when it comes to finding value. Without the right tools and framework for understanding insights, much of the knowledge gleaned from testing goes unrecognized.

CaseWare Cloud Analytics processes and displays information in such a way that it can be quickly and easily interpreted. This visual capability helps auditors interpret the data and create a full picture from the information at their disposal. What’s more, CaseWare Cloud Analytics possesses an interactive, high-level profile page, interactive graphs, and allows for granular testing to reveal the valuable insights. By uncovering anomalies, hidden patterns and correlations, you are empowered to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Identify Fraud and Inconsistencies
Manage Multiple Data Sources


The business world is changing at such a rapid rate. As a result, accountants must keep pace with the technological advances that allow their colleagues and customers to work in a more connected, collaborative and flexible way.

CaseWare Cloud Analytics does exactly that by capitalizing on Cloud collaboration capabilities. With a secure, centralized database and client portal, CaseWare Cloud Analytics empowers you to work with clients and colleagues to streamline the import and review and approval processes with ongoing, real-time communication.

Key Features

Audit Trail

Automatic Data Imports

Effective Collaboration

Smart Tagging and One Click Analysis

Audit Visualization

Interactive Graphs

Smarter Audit

Deep Dive Analysis

Effective Collaboration

Centralized Database and Client Portal

Audit Visualization

Embed Results in the Engagement

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Introducing CaseWare Cloud Analytics