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CaseWare IDEA Inc. Releases IDEA® Version Seven and related components

June 2006 - CaseWare IDEA Inc., the developer and global marketer of IDEA™, announced today the simultaneous release of IDEA Version Seven along with updated optional components – IDEA Server, IDEA Smart Analyzer and CaseWare Examiner – and IDEA Express. The IDEA family of products offers the most advanced data analysis software available to auditors, accountants and financial managers.

“IDEA is very flexible and can be used by financial auditors as well as IT auditors - you don’t have to be a technical specialist to use our software” said Bob Cuthbertson, Chief Operating Officer, CaseWare IDEA Inc.

“With this release, we pushed all the development boundaries to release the whole product family simultaneously. The addition of IDEA Server to product line means new capabilities and processing power for our users.”

The CaseWare IDEA team is dedicated to the highest development standards. IDEA Version Seven’s new ease of use enhancements, new functionality, new performance improvements and streamlined tasks are designed to meet and exceed user expectations. For complete details of this new version visit

Press Contact 

Bob Cuthbertson 
CaseWare IDEA Inc
416 867-9504, ext. 192

About IDEA – Data Analysis Software
IDEA can read, display, analyze, manipulate, sample or extract from data files from almost any source – mainframe to PC, including reports printed to a file. IDEA can lower the cost of analysis, add more quality to audit work and meet the new professional requirements regarding fraud and internal audit. IDEA is used in over 90 countries in 13 languages by major accounting firms, federal, state, provincial and local government, corporations in all industry sectors and by universities as a teaching tool. IDEA is one of Accounting Today’s Top 100 Products for 2006.

About IDEA Server
IDEA Server provides enterprise level data analysis, with the ability to effectively process huge data files, while maintaining the familiar, easy to use IDEA interface. IDEA Server is fully scalable in a fault tolerant and load balanced environment.

About IDEA Smart Analyzer
IDEA Smart Analyzer is a collection of basic audit tests and reports that can be run by any auditor with a minimum amount of training, enabling firms and audit departments to deploy standard test suites.

About CaseWare Examiner
CaseWare Examiner gives users the power to sift through network event logs to extract entries that may have a security impact. Examiner will enhance corporate security practices for a remarkably small investment.

About IDEA Express
IDEA Express , a low cost alternative, has all of IDEA’s basic functions and features and can quickly process files up to 5 times larger than spreadsheet software.

About CaseWare IDEA Inc.
CaseWare IDEA Inc. is a privately held software development and marketing company, with offices in Toronto and Ottawa, Canada, related companies in The Netherlands and China and distributor partners around the world.

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