DevOps Developer

Toronto, Canada


Are you a developer who is interested in continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD) and cloud infrastructure; or a sysadmin who is passionate about Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for reliable and repeatable configurations? If so, we have a role for you.

As a DevOps Developer, you will be responsible for the design, implementation, and configuration for our continuous integration and continuous delivery systems across many projects. You will be working closely with our software development and testing teams to design and build a set of technologies and procedures to improve the development/deployment processes. You will also be writing code for various management tools and deployment utilities that will be used by different teams within the company.

In this role, you will have opportunities to contribute to the constant improvement of our software development and deployment processes. You will also be learning many technologies in a friendly work environment with flexible work hours.

  • Evaluate new technologies and make recommendations on how to streamline or improve our systems.
  • Build and deploy Docker containers to break up monolithic app into microservices, improve developer workflow, increase scalability, and optimize product delivery.
  • Design and implement fully automated CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins, Bamboo, and AWS technologies.
  • Assist in defining, managing, and creating cloud infrastructure through automation (Infrastructure-as-Code) for repeatable setup.
  • Partner with other development and testing teams to improve our tools and processes that streamline the development lifecycle.
  • Champion best practices and standards for building, delivering, and operating reliable services.
  • Grow alongside with other team members, conduct code reviews, and help with testing.
  • Develop, optimize, and maintain various internal/external software applications and plugins
  • Available to accommodate flexible hours and participate in on-call rotation to support and maintain the high availability of our systems.