Data Analytics: Release Engineer

Toronto, Canada


CaseWare is dedicated to continuous innovation for accountants and auditors in practices large and small, in corporations and governments worldwide.

The rules for audit assurance are different in every part of the world. That’s why we’ve built a cloud-based platform that enables our distributors to create and customize products that fit their individual market needs. The Data Analytics product line is focused on modernizing how the audit works worldwide. We provide a developer platform to build custom ETL pipelines into our AI-backed data analysis software- all completely customizable based on market requirements. Watch this video to learn more about our product:

CaseWare’s Data Analytics product line is looking for a highly technical and analytical Release Engineer, possessing seven or more years of relevant experience. The qualified individual will help the team build resilient, production-ready software deployed through automated infrastructure and tooling.

We need you to:
  • Create and maintain automation scripts to help us build, test, and release our products
  • Be a technical liaison between our team and Cloud Operations
  • Help identify key performance bottlenecks by creating, maintaining and executing performance tests on our software
  • Manage the technical release process of all our microservices while ensuring we adhere to the SOC2 compliance requirements
  • Translate new architecture into system implications and design performance tests to ensure a high level of throughput and availability
  • Ensure our product engineers are able to focus on software delivery by enabling them to drill down into any systematic issues that may come up in production
  • Manage application metrics, alerting, and reporting systems (Grafana, Kibana, PagerDuty, etc)