Cloud DevOps Engineer

Toronto, Canada


Fighting financial crime using data analytics is thrilling, challenging, and incredibly rewarding, especially when you know that you’re helping stop money launderers, drug traffickers and more. This cutting-edge space is on fire right now, and it’s driven by some of the brightest minds in the industry. If this sounds like you, then CaseWare Analytics wants you to join our team.

We’re one of the fastest-emerging companies in this growing space and are known for developing the advanced and comprehensive technology for combating financial crime. And to make matters even better, CaseWare Analytics is an incredibly fun place to be.

We are looking for an energetic Cloud DevOps Engineer who is ready to take charge of planning the operations and technical requirements of cloud environments for our new and growing customers and then do what it takes to implement and maintain this infrastructure. You will also be responsible for ensuring that our customers are delighted with the reliability of the cloud services we offer by creating and maintaining system availability targets.

You Must Be Able To

  • Collaborate with Development, Test, and other functional departments to improve our pipelines and processes that streamline the software development lifecycle
  • Promote and ensure system scalability, reliability, security, and efficiency through automation and DevOps tools
  • Develop and test internal applications/scripts to manage on-premise and cloud infrastructure
  • Ensure security, compliance, operational resilience, stability and scalability of Machine Learning and Data systems
  • Provide methods and practice leadership to engineering teams to improve development agility, security profile and operational resilience of data applications