Simplify. Automate. Accelerate.
An end-to-end solution to fully automate audit preparation,
financial statement preparation, and financial reporting.
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Full CAFRs in one
single document
A single, up to date
source for all data
Assign tasks to
team members
Annotate & link
between documents
Assign tasks
& review progress
Validate financials with
great documentation
Set milestones
& track issues
Role based security
& sign-off
Frances Lee
Deputy Chief Financial Officer
“We now have more time to focus our
energies on data analysis and process
improvement rather than data entry.”
Report generation time cut significantly.The commission is now producing quarterly financial statements, and is working on producing budget and forecast reports through CaseWare.
Angela Roache
Director, Financial Operations Grenville County
“We have cut our financial reporting time
in half and are easily saving a month of
effort each cycle.”
The County is saving more than one month of labor in producing
its CAFR and PAFR, freeing time for strategic initiatives.
Maxine Buckles
Corporate Controller, Port of Houston
“CaseWare takes away many of the
clerical and administrative chores involved
in producing our CAFR, which leaves us all
more time to focus on the accuracy,
completeness, and impact of
the numbers.”
Time savings Increased efficiency
Labor savings Increased collaboration
Patricia Aldrich
Comptroller, City of Mobile
“CaseWare provides us with the
mechanism to better analyze policies and
procedures. This analysis helps us seek out
efficiencies and ways that we can improve.
We've taken ownership of a vital piece of
our financial operations.”
Two months saved
in preparation of
annual financial
Visibility into
numbers provides
insight for better
decision making
Solution will pay
for itself in two
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