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July 2019: Caseware Tips & Tricks Video Series

This month, as part of the Caseware Tips & Tricks video series, we’re showcasing a new set of video tutorials. These tutorials help viewers learn about some of the lesser known features in our products. Here is a summary of the videos released in July… 

Publish a Working Papers file to Caseware Cloud

When you publish a Working Papers file to Cloud, you have the opportunity to access more information from your files. From the ability to data mine Working Papers files to being able to visualize your data through dashboards, you can gain new insights into your clients and your practice.

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Set a retention period for files in Caseware Cloud

You can set a retention period on files to meet regulatory or other requirements. When the retention period ends, files are automatically deleted.

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Differentiate between formulas and dynamic text in a SmartEngagement file

See how to differentiate between formulas and dynamic text in letters, memos and financial

Statements. Additionally, the tutorial will demonstrate how to modify text and formatting in a SmartEngagement file. 

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Delete a sync copy in Caseware Working Papers

Did you know that it’s important to delete your sync copies from within the Working Papers application rather than from Windows Explorer? Otherwise, you risk losing any unsynchronized changes. Additionally, if the sync copy contains any external documents, they are not removed with the deletion and will create broken document linkages.

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