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August 2019: Caseware Tips & Tricks Video Series

This month, as part of the Caseware Tips & Tricks video series, we’re showcasing a new set of video tutorials. These tutorials help viewers learn about some of the lesser known features in our products. Here is a summary of the videos released in August… 

How to compress a Working Papers file

When you compress a file, you’re reducing the amount of storage space that’s required for it.

This can be handy if you’ve closed the file or need to copy or move it to another location.

To regularly save space on your computer, you’re able to set your files to automatically compress every time you close Caseware Working Papers.

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Delete a sync copy in Caseware Working Papers

To avoid losing any unsynchronized changes, it’s important to delete your sync copies from within Working Papers rather than from Windows Explorer. Upon deletion, however, any external documents contained within the sync copy will not be removed and will create broken document linkages.

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