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3 Ways System Integration & Centralized Information Will Benefit Your Firm

The current landscape

Organizations are collecting and storing vast amounts of data. In most cases, the data is stored in silos or systems that don’t readily “speak” to one another. 

Are you struggling to manage information from separate sources - payroll, accounts payable, and billings?

You’re not alone. An article from AccountingTools, Inc. says that the “complexity of this information…minimizes efficiency as practitioners must continually access different databases. There may be instances where it is even necessary to switch to a different computer in order to access certain information”. This calls for an examination of how processes are handled...

The solution

Centralizing information with integrated systems is an approach that yields a higher level of efficiency and results in the following benefits:

  1. Consistency - By definition, “data consistency is a measure of uniformity of data as it moves across a network and between various applications on a computer”. This uniformity maintains the accuracy of information that is brought into the various engagement types.
  2. Software - With only one accounting software necessary, and the whole team being trained on a single system and a set of procedures, firms will yield a cost savings by eliminating maintenance fees for several different systems. 
  3. 360 degree view - Using a single platform, accountants are able to import, map and organize data from different systems and file types to gain a holistic view of information.

Source: These benefits have been inspired by the findings presented by PAS Smart Solutions.

How Caseware can help

Our products have been built with seamless integration in mind. As a result, accounting firms have been able to re-think and simplify the way large amounts of data are stored, managed, and utilized. 

Caseware Cloud offers a centralized file management system and a single location to securely host data and complete engagements. Our secure Cloud platform upholds features such as a simplified client portal, time and billing, and dashboards to aid in engagement. Caseware ReviewCompTax - our latest pure-cloud solution - and our new PBC Requests app can also be added to help firms achieve new levels of productivity.

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