For every engagement.

AnalyticsAI brings results directly into engagements.

With artificial intelligence-based analysis, AnalyticsAI improves efficiency, quality, and value by analyzing all data at once.

CaseWare AnalyticsAI Features

Data mapping and workflow optimization

Streamline the initial engagement set-up with import tools and automated workflow optimization. As work begins, the scope of work is tailored in size and complexity to ensure the engagement file is not over or under worked.

Risk-based transaction analysis

Auditors are empowered to tailor their analysis based on characteristics of the entity being audited. If an account requires a closer look, it can be designated as an ‘influencer’ account to help auditors determine audit priority, scope, and risk score.

Data Validation and Completeness

Auditors can safely rely on the accuracy of data uploaded through the data reliability checklist. Data completeness can be confirmed automatically through automatic data reconciliation, control totals, and data profiles.

AI-based testing

AnalyticsAI leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to perform over a dozen tests on the whole transaction set automatically. The solution easily spots anomalies in transactions and groups items to show risk by journal source.

Powerful Insights

Auditors can compare transactions across multiple dimensions, including account type, time and date, as well as rank transactions by relative risk. The clickable Risk Summary widget allows users to isolate areas of interest and examine the details.

Integration and reporting

AnalyticsAI generates configuration reports that facilitate more meaningful audit analysis with documented, understandable evidence. In the end, results are carried through to the CaseWare Working Papers engagement.

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