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Have you heard about the CaseWare ecosystem?

Merriam-Webster defines an ecosystem as “the complex community of organisms and its environment, functioning as an ecological unit”. Technology is mimicking nature more and more since the internet brought us its massive web of interconnectivity.

For businesses in the tech sector to thrive, you can’t simply develop brand new standalone products. With such an abundance of choices available to us, software has to work cohesively and benefit the users who decide to delve into their ecosystem. CaseWare has been closely following this trend of interconnected software platforms and we’ve incorporated it in an ecosystem of our own.

The CaseWare ecosystem comprises 2 main platforms: desktop and cloud. Our desktop platform, CaseWare Working Papers, has been built with accounting, assurance, financial reporting, and tax in mind. This is connected to CaseWare Cloud which deals with practice management, client communication, and client collaboration. The cloud is also equipped with engagement products like CaseWare ReviewCompTax, Audit, OnPoint, and more. What is your firm using as the business moves forward? Have you considered a hybrid solution? 

Our “hybrid” solution accounts for users who are cautious to adopt big changes to their organization’s workflow, or are concerned about the implications of working entirely online. CaseWare Working Papers and CaseWare Cloud seamlessly integrate to create an even greater ecosystem of products and functionality. Below is a complete breakdown of all of the products that create this ecosystem:

On the desktop...

Our primary desktop platform and project management tool — CaseWare Working Papers — allows users to add on a wide range of products based on their organizational needs.

  • CaseWare CaseView: Create intelligent documents with data straight from your client file.
  • CaseWare SmartSync: Work with your staff, not against them. Collaborate on an engagement file together and synchronize your changes in real-time with the rest of your team.
  • CaseWare Connector: Connect your Working Papers files to Microsoft Word and Excel, allowing you to populate your Office documents with up-to-date client information automatically.
  • CaseWare Financials: Get a head start on your financial statements with our pre-made template. Pull in data from your engagement file, select from a library of financial statement notes and generate professional financial statements quickly and efficiently.
  • CaseWare Audit: Conduct audits more effectively with our audit template and its repository of risks and procedures.
  • CaseWare IDEA: Deep dive into client data using ad-hoc and advanced analytics on 100% of transactions.

Not only can our desktop platform grow in our own ecosystem of products, but it also connects to a vast range of accounting, working paper and tax software. Our goal is to enable any user on any existing platform to grow their business with the incorporation of CaseWare.

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What about Cloud?

The CaseWare Cloud platform is fully customizable, allowing us to offer clients a tailored solution based on their market, jurisdiction, region, etc. The ecosystem of custom forms, data hub and automated business logic grows with your business’ needs and — with our fast pace development process — continues to provide new opportunities to enhance your workflow.

  • CaseWare RCT and OnPoint PCR: Perform a review, compilation, or tax engagements from the comfort of your web browser. Available with the applicable standards for your region.
  • Audit International: Take your audit online with Cloud’s answer to our desktop audit template.
  • CaseWare Analytics AI: Harness the power of data analytics to detect anomalies in your own, or your clients’ transactions. Learn more in our latest whitepaper, Leveraging Data in the External Audit: A Primer
  • CaseWare PBC Requests: Collaborate directly with your clients and efficiently exchange documents relevant to the engagement.

Ready to cultivate your software ecosystem? Contact us for more information on our wide range of products and learn how they can help your business flourish.

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