What’s New in Caseware Monitor 5.4

November 27, 2017

CaseWare Monitor 5.4 offers many new and exciting features for your continuous controls monitoring projects including:

  • How new advanced fraud detection models, including clustering, data/text mining, machine learning and network analysis can detect more suspicious transactions and behaviours
  • How workflow decision learning will make your system smarter by learning based on previous decisions and interactions
  • How batch file attachments can be used to attach invoices, receipts and other documentation to alerts for proper record keeping during investigations
  • Our new search feature that allows organizations to search alerts, work items, cases, regulatory reports, comments and attachments, as well as data from outside sources, to look for potential risks (for example, searching Export Control Lists to screen for export controlled goods)
  • How Concur users can now open original images of receipts directly in CaseWare Monitor, making investigations easier
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