Not All High-Risk Customers Are Created Equal

October 29, 2020  |  12 pm ET  |  1 CAMS  |  FREE  |  Register Now

High-risk customers are typically put into one big box that has the same approach, management, and reporting. However, not all high-risk customers present an equal amount of risk to the institution. If customers are unregulated or function under less regulations, it often presents a higher degree of risk to the institution banking them. This is called the transference of risk.

In this second webinar in our Community Bank series, we will review the various types of higher risk customers, what makes them high risk, and methods for effective management.

Topics covered during the webinar will include:

  • Regulated vs. Unregulated Industries
  • Common high-risk customer types
  • Transference of risk
  • Common threats and vulnerabilities of high-risk customers
  • What an effective high-risk customer review looks like
  • How a high-risk customer review can change the overall management of the customer

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