CaseWare Analytics integrates with Thomson Reuters CLEAR ID Confirm for Stronger Due Diligence Capabilities

New capability to financial crime management solution increases efficiency and accuracy while reducing time for onboarding and customer rejection rate.

Toronto, Canada – Oct 03, 2018 - — CaseWare Analytics, the developer of software solutions including those for the detection and prevention of financial crimes, is pleased to announce that it has integrated identity verification with its anti-money laundering (AML) compliance and fraud detection platform. The addition of identity verification to the CaseWare Analytics platform means what banks, MSBs, FinTechs, casinos and other regulated organizations in the United States can now verify the identity of persons and businesses with increased confidence, efficiency and accuracy.

CaseWare Analytics offers a scalable and comprehensive compliance and fraud detection platform for due diligence, real-time transaction monitoring, sanctions screening, and regulatory reporting.  Using the identity verification capabilities within CaseWare Analytics’ solution, institutions can reduce the time and effort required for due diligence with comprehensive public and proprietary data that scores and confirms the identity of individuals and businesses – all from one application.  Strength of the identity match can then be incorporated into an overall entity risk score offered by the CaseWare Analytics solution that includes risk factors from sanctions screening, transactions monitoring, and more, for a true picture of the risks associated with an entity.

“Using identity verification is the perfect solution to eliminate the use of multiple applications or internet searches to confirm the identity of entities, as well as reduce the rejection rates due to inaccurate or missing data,” says Andrew Simpson, Chief Operating Officer at CaseWare Analytics.

CaseWare Analytics solution also offers an easy integration with risk intelligence data to screen for high-risk and/or politically-exposed entities (PEPs) to expand due diligence and sanctions screening capabilities.  Once an entity has been flagged as suspicious, the CaseWare Analytics solution offers highly configurable and easy-to-use workflows and case management to automate investigations by engaging the entire organization.

“The CaseWare Analytics solution combined with identity verification and risk intelligence data is a powerful solution to accurately assess risk during onboarding, perform automated periodic screening of existing customers, real-time transaction monitoring and automated regulatory reporting,” says Mr. Simpson. “We are pleased to offer our customers this powerful solution to enhance their AML programs and reduce the risks that they face in this global economy.”

To learn more about how you can evolve and revolutionize the way your organization manages AML compliance and fraud prevention, visit CaseWare Analytics in Booth #609 and #611 at the ACAMS 17th Annual AML & Financial Crime Conference from October 3-5, 2018.

About CaseWare Analytics

CaseWare Analytics offers software solutions that enable audit, compliance and finance professionals to assess risk, uncover trends, identify issues and provide the intelligence needed to make informed decisions, ensure compliance and improve business processes. Our financial crime management solutions are used in more than 20 countries by banking, insurance, FinTech, gaming, manufacturing, retail companies to identify high-risk entities and suspicious activities early, investigate and resolve alerts, and comply with regulations—all to make fraud prevention and compliance part of day-to-day operations.

CaseWare Analytics is a division of CaseWare International, a group of technology companies with software deployed in over 100 countries.

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