Insurance Fraud Detection and Prevention with Alessa

April 28, 2020

For insurers looking to enhance their fraud detection and prevention programs, Alessa is a solution that integrates with existing IT systems, examines all the data and provides a holistic view of the claims processing programs.

Benefits of the solution include:

  • Reject out-of-policy claims: Review every claim/transaction and get alerts for out-of-policy claims that need further investigation.
  • Stop complex fraud schemes: Use machine learning and AI to stop those hard-to-detect fraud schemes.
  • Use only reputable vendors/providers: Regularly screen and score vendors and providers to ensure compliance.
  • Effectively comply with legislation: Demonstrate to regulators that fraud prevention is a core aspect of your business.
  • Increase profitability and keep premiums down: Quickly approve valid claims to increase customer satisfaction and decrease revenue leakage due to fraud.
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