P-Card Use Gone Wild in North Carolina

July 15, 2016

Town officials in Spring Lake, North Carolina are feeling the heat after the N.C. Office of the State Auditor released a report alleging that thousands of dollars were used inappropriately by the officials.

As detailed in the report, 63 town employees could potentially have misspent almost $500,000 between July 2010 and March 2015.

Most of the misspent funds were related to personal purchases made using town purchase cards (P-Cards), and the town mayor, police chief and finance director are all reportedly involved in the case.

The State Auditor’s report indicated that board members and town officials had:

  • Spent more than $366,000 on purchases in violation of town policies
  • Spent more than $122,000 on questionable practices
  • Failed to bill, record and collect almost $91,000 from a customer for utility services

In total, $578,930 in town expenditures and faulty record keeping was flagged by auditors. The town has since established a panel to review the case, with their focus being on the $122,000 spent on questionable practices. These purchases will be reviewed in detail to identify legitimate purchases versus cases of P-Card misuse.

The Office of the State Auditor was tipped off to the problem by a Spring Lake resident who suspected town employees of using their P-Cards to make personal purchases.

After reviewing expense reports, which were obtained through a public records request, the resident uncovered a pattern of questionable—and potentially personal—purchases, as well as lost receipts, lack of documentation, and purchases over established limits.

The state auditor has recommended that:

  • The board should oversee the town’s operations
  • The town should consider taking disciplinary action against management
  • The town should try to get reimbursed by anyone who misused their P-Card

A case like this reinforces the importance of having a continuous controls monitoring solution in place to automatically monitor all transactions, all the time.

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