Alessa! – New Name, Same Great Product

February 4, 2019

With so many new enhancements to CaseWare Monitor we decided it was time to take a bold step and rename our flagship product to reflect the true value that it provides to our customers.

Meaning noble defender, Alessa allows organizations to quickly identify suspicious activities and high-risk entities in compliance, finance, purchasing and procurement programs.

With early detection of elevated risk, Alessa empowers organizations to investigate these activities early, make informed decisions, automatically create an auditable trail, comply with regulations and protect revenues.

How is Alessa used?

  • Continuous Controls Monitoring - Allows management and internal audit to continually review business processes to ensure that their meeting their targets for performance and effectiveness.
  • AML Compliance - Easy-to-use solution for due diligence, transaction monitoring, sanctions screening, workflow automation, case management and regulatory reporting.
  • Sanctions Screening - On-demand, periodic and/or real-time screening of customers and vendors to identify potential suspicious relationships.
  • Procurement Monitoring - A powerful platform for monitoring invoices, purchase cards and T&E expenses as well for vendor risk management.
  • Fraud Detection & Prevention - Monitor financial and claim transactions and actively block suspicious activities to prevent abuse of policies, bribery, corruption and loss of revenue.

Who trusts Alessa?

  • Banks & MSBs - Complete AML solution that automates processes and reduces false-positives and workload.
  • FinTechs - Simplify AML compliance with a flexible solution that grows with the organization.
  • Insurance - Protect the bottom line by identifying claim transactions that are suspicious or fraudulent.
  • Casino & Gaming - Complete due diligence, identity verification and automated regulatory reporting.
  • Corporate & Retail - Monitor processes across the organization to identify control breaches, fraud and loss.
  • ...and more - Use Alessa in any industry for continuous controls monitoring and fraud detection.

Regardless of how the solution is used, Alessa includes

  • Advanced analytics that are AI-driven to detect complex fraud schemes across departments and systems
  • Simple and configurable workflows that guide employees through policies and procedures
  • Highly intuitive case management tools for investigations, remediation and enrolling the entire organization in a culture of compliance.

To learn how you can harness the power of Alessa, contact us!

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