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August 3, 2018

We are committed to continuously refining our solutions to not only meet the needs of our clients’ enterprises, but to anticipate them. As part of this commitment, we have recently updated the workflow automation functionality of our financial crime detection and prevention software to improve efficiency, create a more seamless user experience, and reduce workloads for those using the platform.

For those new to this feature, it is designed to enroll the entire organization into a culture of compliance by engaging them through configurable workflows.

When our solution detects an issue--a potential out-of-policy employee purchase, multiple transactions just below currency transaction reporting thresholds, payments sent to unapproved vendors, etc.--an alert is automatically sent to the appropriate user via email, text message or as notifications in the application.

In collaboration with other members of the compliance team or the broader organization, exceptions can be assigned, escalated and remediated through the software’s configurable workflows.

Emails can be sent directly from any exception, with the history automatically updating to include any responses. The solution also creates cases that can be linked to exceptions, supporting investigations, improving enhanced due diligence, and creating a comprehensive audit trail of all remediation activities.

Further enhancing the workflows in our solution, the following updates have been made:

Notifying Assigned User

Workflow notifications have been adjusted so that the choice can be made to either send a notification to all users involved in a specific state, or to only the person to whom a work item is assigned.

For example, your entire IT team could receive an alert any time a user account has been locked, or by checking the ‘Assignee’ box, a notification will be sent only to the user assigned to that specific work item.

This minimizes the amount of emails being received and sorted through by your team, and helps the appropriate person focus on their assigned tasks.

'Select All' Option

Another refinement made recently to improve your team’s efficiency is the addition of a ‘Select All’ option when configuring the workflows. While establishing or adjusting workflows, administrators can simply choose to select all of users in their drop-down list.

Now, rather than having to manually select individuals when the administrator wishes to include each of their potentially hundreds of users in a specific stage of the workflow, they need only click the ‘Select All’ option--saving time that can be spent on more valuable activities.

These are just a few of the changes we’ve made to the most recent release of our software. For more information about other updates we’ve made, check out these blogs on the updates made to goAML reporting and the e-filing of CTRs (currency transaction reports) to FinCEN.

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