Answers to Your T&E Webinar Questions

December 8, 2016

In case you missed it, we hosted a webinar on November 30 on How to Expand your Concur Solution in 7 Easy Steps. The presentation explained the steps travel and entertainment (T&E) and purchasing card (P-Card) professionals can take to move their expense management to the next level with the help of the Alessa Connector for Concur Expense™.

The easy-to-follow process showed how to integrate data from various departments and external sources into a single, seamless system. By applying the steps covered in the webinar, you will have a full picture of your expenses and transactions.

Here are some highlights from questions asked in the webinar:

Is there a limit on how many T&E Cards can be monitored by the solution?

The greatest advantage of data analytics? There are no limitations. You can look at 100% of your data for 100% of your cards and not be limited to sampling. No matter the type of card or how many you have in your program, the Connector can consume, collect and correlate all of the data to give managers a complete picture of what is happening.

Can outliers be routed to other parties based on business unit or regions?

The system’s automated workflow can route exceptions to relevant parties or departments, no matter where they are located. Additionally, email notifications can be sent to cardholders to help determine the reason for the alert.

Can we learn more about the solution using our data?

Yes, we are happy to discuss more about the Alessa Connector for Concur Expense. Reach out to us at and we will offer insights and recommendations for your program based on spend and exceptions across employees, departments and merchant category codes.

About Anu Sood 

Anu Sood (LinkedIn | Twitter) is the Director Marketing at CaseWare RCM and is responsible for the company’s global marketing strategy. She has over 20 years of experience in product development, product management, product marketing, corporate communications, demand generation, content marketing and strategic marketing in high-tech industries.

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