Modern-Day Accounting

Today, Accounting Firms run lean. Accountants are being asked to do more with less and, as a result, are being pushed to the max.

Imagine the impact on work processes if Accountants could save 75 percent of time on the preparation of each Financial Statement*? With Financials SG, you can. Here’s how…

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Value-Add Products

Audit Trail

CaseWare ConnectorTM

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Create additional custom reports or spreadsheets with substantive tests. CaseWare Connector integrates with Microsoft Office documents to ensure your clients’ data is dynamically linked in CaseWare Working Papers.

Effective Collaboration

Audit International

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Seamlessly integrating with CaseWare Audit Singapore, lead sheets can be generated with no extra time, and materiality is automatically calculated. Now, Auditors can plan, conduct risk assessment, and perform substantive procedures.

Audit Visualization

CaseWare Cloud

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With a simple internet connection, users are able to work on a client file, review engagement metrics, or manage their practice. Without an internet connection, users can work offline and synchronize with the team when a connection is available.

Introducing IFRS CaseWare Financials SG