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Full client portal and DMS functionality

To enable better collaboration with clients and stakeholders, CaseWare Collaborate comes built-in with full Client Portal and Document Management functionality, enabling the easy and secure sharing of all engagement files (including Word, Excel and tax documents) within one central location.

A new way to collaborate

CaseWare Collaborate offers a fresh, new "social" interface for team-based engagements, with activities, messages and files all viewable in one convenient location. What's more, clients and stakeholders can also interact through the same tool, making it the go-to destination for everything engagement-related.

Anywhere access

With CaseWare Collaborate, you bring powerful engagement tracking tools with you whereever you go. Thanks to CaseWare Cloud, all you need is a web connection and you can access information in ways you could never before. With no VPN requirement, you can now monitor your practice through new devices such as tablets and smartphones. Collaboration has never been freer or easier!

Advanced engagement tracking tools

With CaseWare Collaborate, you’ll gain unprecedented access to project status and activity. The ground-breaking Activity Pulse provides a beat-by-beat account of engagement-related happenings at the touch of a button! What's better, it's all web-based, making it more convenient than ever for partners to keep an eye on business. They can also send secure messages quickly and easily, all through one easy-to-use interface.

Secure messaging

CaseWare Collaborate's Activity Pulse lets you easily and securely send messages within a designated entity. These messages can be stand-alone text or accompany supporting documents, engagement data, external links and other related information. The built-in Messaging System provides an ideal framework for engagement collaboration.

Customizable views

CaseWare Collaborate's Dashboard technology allows you to easily create customizable views and tools for your engagement. Easily add gadgets that provide unique and valuable views into your Files, Activities and other related data. Create firm-wide or entity-specific dashboards for maximum flexibility.

Tight integration with Working Papers

With CaseWare Working Papers, staff can plan, perform and review engagements entirely on-screen, completely eliminating paper. Using CaseWare SmartSync technology, staff can now work from anywhere on local copies of Working Papers files, with changes automatically synced in real-time to the central repository. With no need to check in or out, project momentum is never lost and teams can be assembled that were not possible before.

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